Color has a profound ability to shape our mood and transform our spaces. With the warmth of summer upon us, it’s the perfect time to infuse your Bangkok home with a fresh burst of color. Let’s explore this season’s hottest trends and how to select shades that enhance your home’s unique style.

Summer 2024: Color Trends & Meanings

    • Earthy Neutrals: Warm sand tones, terracotta, and soft ochres bring a sense of groundedness and natural elegance. Perfect for spaces aiming for a serene, organic feel. Complements rustic, modern, and even eclectic design styles.

    • Ocean Blues: From cool aquamarine to deep teal, blues evoke tranquility and spaciousness. Ideal for bathrooms, bedrooms, or any space seeking that calming coastal vibe. Works well with modern, minimalist, or beach-inspired interiors.

    • Vibrant Pops: Energize your space with splashes of citrus yellow, coral pink, or bold turquoise. These cheerful accents add personality and playful energy. Use them strategically with modern, contemporary, or bohemian designs.

    • Botanical Greens: Sage green, forest green, and olive tones bring the outdoors in, creating a sense of freshness and connection with nature. They’re beautifully versatile, fitting modern, traditional, or even Japanese-inspired aesthetics.

Color Psychology: Choosing the Right Feel

Beyond aesthetics, colors have a powerful impact on our mood and the overall feel of a space. Understanding color psychology empowers you to create a home that truly reflects your desired ambiance:

    • Relaxing: Soft blues, greens, and neutrals promote calm. Science backs this up! Studies indicate that exposure to blue light can lower heart rate and blood pressure. Cool greens mimic nature, reducing stress and promoting feelings of balance. Neutrals create a sense of grounding and provide a soothing backdrop, allowing you to unwind.

      • Example: A bedroom with pale blue walls, soft green accents, and warm beige textiles cultivates a haven for relaxation and restful sleep.
    • Invigorating: Warm yellows, oranges, or pinks inject energy. These colors stimulate the nervous system, boosting alertness and enthusiasm. Yellow is associated with sunshine and happiness, while orange promotes creativity and social interaction. Pink adds a touch of playfulness.

      • Example: A kitchen with crisp white cabinets, a vibrant yellow backsplash, and pops of orange in the accessories creates a cheerful and energetic atmosphere for cooking and socializing.
    • Cozy: Deep reds, browns, or warm grays create intimacy. These rich hues envelop a space, making it feel warm and inviting. Red stimulates appetite and conversation, while browns ground the space with earthy comfort. Warmer grays add a touch of sophisticated warmth.

      • Example: A living room with deep charcoal grey walls, rich brown leather furniture, and pops of crimson in the throw pillows establishes a cozy, welcoming atmosphere.

Remember, color perception is subjective. Consider your personal preferences and the room’s specific purpose when crafting the perfect color palette.

Room by Room: Popular Palettes and Effects


Popular Palettes


Living Room

Earthy neutrals, blues with pops of color, botanical greens

Spaciousness, relaxation, or vibrant social hub


Soft blues, muted pinks, warm neutrals

Promotes tranquility and restful sleep


Greys with vibrant accents, clean whites with pops of color, light wood tones

Modern and efficient, cheerful and inviting, natural and warm


Crisp whites, ocean blues, soft grays

Cleanliness, spa-like serenity

IDEAS Thailand: Your Color Consultants

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